C229 wgu time log

C229 wgu time log

Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. How are you meeting it? If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page. You keep a log. Unless you are in California, there is no signing off by anyone, but the logs are subject to random audits. What do you mean by keeping a log? I live in New York. When I write down my hours do I have to get each logged hour signed by someone or do I just jot down how many hours I did.

Are they going to check up on all the hours I did to make sure they are ligitimate? As I mentioned, unless you're in California, you do not need anyone to sign off on it.

You just keep track of it, what hours you spent on which thing, and you submit it with your project. And yes, the log is potentially subject to audit. I live in California and we do have 90 hours of clinical service.

The hours are in various areas of nursing related to public health. We may work with a nurse navigator, school nurse, public health nurse, mental health, or correctional jail nurses.

I work full time in critical care, so this has really been difficult to do. We are required to have each shift signed off by a preceptor, and are not allowed to count travel time. The preceptors are in contact with the professor, and confirm our schedules each week. In addition we have 4 hours of class time each week, and a weekly clinical journal log about 1, words to turn in every Saturday, as well as an APA paper due each week.

Between the clinicals, class, work, and assignments, I have not taken a day off in 16 days. I just put a project to bed. Tomorrow is my next to the last class, and I have only one power point presentation left to do, then I'm done with the class. We have 4 weeks after the end of class to compete the clinical hours. I'd love to hear from other California residents to learn how they managed the clinical hours, and if there are ways to incorporate non-clinical activities.

In california, you need to have someone to sign off hours. In other states, yes, you pick a subject and interview out in the community for that subject. Other things can be used for hours as well - it's been a few years so I am not sure what the current rules are - but when I did it, you could also use live webinars, seminars, that kind of thing. But you don't have to contact your employers for that class. Ruadh has 4 years experience. Hey All! I'm here working on my C WGU's Community Field Work and would like to know if anyone out there has ever be "audited" by their course mentor and what that entails.

Some of the phone 's I have to supply are somewhat generic and I'm not sure they'd ever reach the person that I had contact with I suppose they could ask me in the long run and I could help them verify or they could ask my preceptor?

Edited Dec 11, by Ruadh forgot a sentence. Nosmas has 7 years experience. I'm interested to know if anyone else has been audited. I am at the brink of submitting my paper and hours and would hate to have it turned-down on the account of "inappropriate" hours. I thought this class would be easier but a full time job, and two kids has proven this to be super difficult.Challenges don't create character, they reveal it.

To all of our nurses, healthcare workers and essential workers out there, we see you. Thank you for all you do. Now that schools are closed and teachers are teaching remotely, they need words of encouragement more than ever.

WGU C229: Obesity Prevention Ideas! RN to BSN Program

You can also show your appreciation in the comments. Financial Avenue is a free resource for students and has a course all about the FAFSA and how you can potentially turn a minute application into thousands of dollars of financial assistance. Your feelings are valid. She also finds the time to teach nights at a community college. Most importantly, her AmbitionNeverRests. Tag all the women you know who are crushing it today. However, due to covid, my graduation got cancelled.

To state the obvious, I was heartbroken! But, it's beyond my control and doesn't take away all of the hard work I put into it!

My hubby, Dereck Hale, decided to cheer me up with a photoshoot today in the beautiful Tennessee weather! Please congratulate her, all the other Charlotte grads, and thank a teacher Now let's VOTE! While working toward a business degree in human resources, she volunteers, works, and still finds the time to finish all four of her classes with a pattern of acceleration.

Way to go, Sandra! As nurses continue to put their lives on the line, they need our support and praise more than ever. Share this WGU Pep Talk with a nurse you know, and comment your own words of appreciation for nurses everywhere. WGU students have free access to Financial Avenue — a site with financial wellness courses to help you plan and repay your student loans.

Need more help? Check out the Financial Toolbox in the student portal. Hoodie The winner moves to the next round on the tournament bracket. Nicolette completed the impressive feat of earning her degree while training for a bodybuilding competition and learned that getting help from others could help her get ahead.

Read her humbling story below. I knew that it was my time. It was an opportunity that I w I had quite a bit going on in my life while pursuing my degree. I had just gotten married, bought a house, and was working full time.

Then, I added to my massive load by hiring a coach to begin training in bodybuilding. I felt like if I had something to motivate me and force me to stay on top of my health, then I would be able to manage everything. At the same, my bodybuilding coach showed me what it took to walk across the stage as a bodybuilder. I needed those individuals to succeed.Since there is an order in which the boot construction is performed, there are precedence requirements that place restrictions on the sequence of production.

c229 wgu time log

Bucks County is a suburb of the large city of Philadelphia. Bucks County was founded by William Penn in and was named after the British county of Buckinghamshire where Penn resided while in England.

Bucks is one of the I researched case law pertinent to this case and prepared the following synopsis and recommendation. Constructive Discharge In the beginning of the year, the company implemented a new scheduling policy that would require all After our meeting last week and some information I gathered in this report, a Limited Liability Company LLC form of business is the perfect fit for your business expansion.

With LLC form, you will reap great benefits for your business expansion: 1. An LLC form will limit your liability. Because you have expressed your concerns with being at high risk with outsourcing some of the contracts, I think an LLC is a wise choice for protecting your personal assets. With extra business liability insurance For her to access constructive discharge a number of different items must hold true. According to USlegal. Post which was launched on May 9, is an American news website founded by Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, Andrew Breitbart and Jonah Peretti, containing columnists and various news sources.

This institution has two main goals and those are to keep prices stable and keep the financial system stable. They perform this function by accomplishing various tasks such as setting key interest rates, managing foreign-currency reserves, and monitoring price trends. This institution is independent and cannot accept instructions from any other institution in the EU.

The History of the European Union, The Task 1 Horizontal analysis Horizontal analysis allows side by side comparisons on a year to year basis to determine the performance from one year to the next.

The company decides on standards to compare the results of the analysis. Standards are researched by checking competitors, internet research of general industry guidelines or standards created from past experience in the company.

c229 wgu time log

The Company states in the summary that they attribute the net sales decrease in sales to the economy. Two of these factors that I feel are extremely significant to this development are the Irish Potato Famine and the discovery of gold in California.

The famine was caused by an airborne fungus, phytophthora infetans, which attacks the leaves of the Sign Up. Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. Wgu C Task 1 than one worker at a single workstation.This post may contain affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you if you decide to purchase a linked product. The topic I chose for this class was prevention of obesity through nutrition and physical activity. There are so many different routes you can go with this topic to get hours.

In my version 4the rules were not as strict for the variety of site visits. I hope this helps you get started, comment below with ways you have gotten hours! Subscribe to my blog to get more resources and stay tuned for more course tips including tips for writing the paper for this class. Skip to content. Site Visits In my version 4the rules were not as strict for the variety of site visits.

Farmers Markets — depending on the time of year, WIC — Assess their educational materials, what services do they offer to the public that relate to nutrition or exercise? This is a perfect site to also get an interview in, as my local office had a registered dietician on site. Breastfeeding support Breastfeeding classes — WIC offers free breastfeeding classes to participants, see if there is something similar offered near you. Hospitals may also sponsor these, and it can be a good resource just remember to link breastfeeding to obesity prevention on your timelog Gyms — Higher end and lower end, geared toward families or individuals do they offer childcare?

Grocery Stores — Higher vs. Do they try to stay stocked with more nutritious food choices than not? Library — Assess their selection of cookbooks and fitness videos. Parks- Assess the accessibility of the location.

Is it on the bus line? Is it in a safe location? Is the equipment safe and age-appropriate? Trails — Again, how accessible is it to different populations? Health Fairs — This is a great way to get a lot of hours at once if available in your area.Your time log will be submitted via Qualtrics found under the task directions in Taskstream.

After you complete the time log, you will enter your WGU email address and receive an e-mail of your time log from Qualtrics. Please copy the time log to a Word doc or PDF and save. For California, students please follow time log instructions in Taskstream. The last column in the time log is relevance to topic. The time log is a separate download in Taskstream with your task 1 APA paper.

You may document other time spent during a field activity above the one-hour interview time on the next entry. Please use site visit, tour of the facility or assessment of educational materials to capture the remainder of the field activity time if applicable. Think about your general population and population s at risk related to your health concern.

Are all groups in your community the same? What kinds of barriers are preventing them? Education health literacy? Lack of public access? Lack of income? Lack of transportation? Lack of health insurance? Misaligned public funding or policy? Geography or environment?

Cultural traditions or behaviors? Other social determinants of health? These inequities may not be apparent to you until you are well into logging your hours but you should be vigilant and looking out for these gaps in your community services and resources and other health determinants throughout your field experience.

A health disparity is the statistical manifestation of these health inequities.Describe the Chosen Outbreak Measles is virus with a single-stranded RNA and two membranes: a fusion protein that infuses into the host cell membrane and the hemagglutinin protein that absorbs the virus into the cells.

The primary site for invasion is in the epithelium of the nares. Measles is highly contagious and very infectious because it is easily…. Community Health C 1! Community Health C! Date Spent! Essays Essays FlashCards.

Browse Essays. Home Page C Community Health. Show More. Link to Health Inequity and Health Disparity Health Inequities are situations thought to be preventable and unethical. However an example of a health inequity would be why obesity rates differ between lower and upper income families.

The health difference between the two the lower income and upper income families may be attributed to the lack of grocery store outlets that provide healthy, affordable and accessible food in the lower income neighborhoods.

Obesity in the lower income families is attributable to a household income that does not provide discretionary funds to join a health club. Specific Data Due to the lower income ratio in this community, family members may find it difficult to eat healthier because of the higher cost associated with purchasing healthier foods.

Sentinel City®

Also the lack of education regarding health plays a significant role in fighting obesity in the community. Fieldwork Interviews During my fieldwork interviews I. Read More. Words: - Pages: Popular Essays. Ready To Get Started? Create Flashcards. Discover Create Flashcards Mobile apps.If both are not submitted at the same time, your task may be returned to you without evaluation.

Fill in order details

Please use the link below to access the DocuSign addendum document. Both the original timelog and the addendum timelog must be submitted with the task. The use of this web link is optional, i. Part of cultural competency is advocating for sensitive patient populations with regard to health issues or needed improvements in the community. A big part of advocacy is uncovering effective stories discovered in your community assessment.

Equally important is understanding how to broadcast your discoveries to the larger community. In our society today, social media is a powerful leveraging tool to get a story out, build support, and demonstrate advocacy. In this task, you will be submitting your completed Community Health Field Experience timelog.

The activities you completed in your community relay back to your field experience topic and focus on a primary prevention. In addition, you will create a social media campaign to convey a health message to the target population.

Please note: Your timelog will be submitted via DocuSign. As you input activities and sign it, the document will be emailed to you. You can then attach the final, signed document below as a part of this task. Reliable Essay Papers. Include the name of the contact person, a working phone number, and a full physical address. Write your community health nursing diagnosis statement. Explain how the health concern from your community health nursing diagnostic statement is linked to a health inequity or health disparity within the target population.

Discuss the primary community resources and primary prevention resources currently in place to address the health concern.

c229 wgu time log

Discuss the underlying causes of the health concern. Discuss the evidence-based practice associated with the Field Experience topic. Identify data about the selected Field Experience topic from the local e. Develop a community health nursing social media campaign strategy that will convey your health message and address the Field Experience topic by doing the following: Describe your social media campaign objective.

c229 wgu time log

Describe a social media platform you would use that is appropriate for communicating with the target population. Discuss the benefits of the selected social media platform in supporting preventative healthcare. Discuss how the target population will benefit from your health message.

Describe best practices for implementing social media tools for health marketing. Create a social media campaign implementation plan by doing the following: Describe stakeholder roles and responsibilities in implementing the plan.

Discuss potential public and private partnerships that could be formed to aid in the implementation of your campaign. Create a specific timeline for implementing your campaign.


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