Forscan focus se

Forscan focus se

Are there any guides available that have lists of which modules you can access and what you can do within them? The reason is because it also contains PATs programming which in the hands of the wrong people can be bad news for some poor unsuspecting sod.

The next thing is that forscan is a work in progress, each new release gives users new features and fuctions for specific cars. Also remember that programming is a relatively new feature on forscan.

So basically, you have a choice, make sure you have the extended licence then wait and see if new things are added for your car or pay for something more serious like F-Com or Ford IDS. I've not used foccus before, is that worth a try? Azz I have done that, plus changed the menu colours. Do you know what else can be done? Could I enable the reverse camera too? I did all that in my previous Mk5 Mondeo and then just fitted the camera. JW do you know of anything else that can be done?

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forscan focus se

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Ford Focus Club Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted February 23, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted March 13, AMazing, thanks.

forscan focus se

I will give it a go tomorrow. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Here we go to the impotted, namely the programming of the individual modules.

This guide serves as an entry point. Not all parameters are known so far and thus this guide is constantly expanded and supplemented with information as soon as I have more. The same applies to the FORScan software as soon as it is known what parameter changes this will be incorporated into the next release. This is an important step before any changes are made.

Please secure the configuration from each module!! Once the module has been read out, you can click on "Save All" and save the configuration. It is best to create a new folder and select and save a suitable name. I take the name of the module on this. Here very much to her the individual deposited values in the modules.

It's a science in itself. Each model has different values, so it is not always possible values of e. Transfer an F to the Focus and there are also differences from model year to model year. If you still want to experiment or find lists you want to try, it works like this:. Example to change the start animation for a Ford Explorer: Whether this also works for the Ford Focus MK4 is not confirmed and therefore it has to be tried at your own risk!!!

Click on the module here and press the play button. Data is read out. The x ' s need to ignore are important letters and numbers, which show two pieces of information.

First, the position where the change should be made and on what value to change. So if we want a Mustang animation, we would have to enter the number "6" at the 6th position, i. Don't worry about it, FORScan automatically calculates this sum and corrects it in the background! There is still a hint when you change an entry and press Write that the checksum is not correct.

Simply confirm this note with OK. This is the most convenient, easiest and, above all, safest way to change data and thus program the module. I recommend everyone to make changes only about this, as long as they have not incorporated into the matter. This website uses cookies.

If you continue to use the site, we will accept your consent.Sorry for the language translation, I was not aware of this issue until now. It has been fixed.

Setup Instructions. Detailed installation and setup instructions are on the 'Setup Instructions' tab below. Don't forget to backup your modules first! Key Position. This disables the double honk when walking away from truck with engine running and key fob in pocket. Recommended to implement the Secure Idle Police Mode feature to prevent unauthorized driving away without the key fob. This allows LED fog lights to stay on when high beams are also turned on. This code has been confirmed to work with some halogen headlght trucks also.

Also known as Bambi mode to see deer better. This allows Halogen fog lights to stay on when high beams are also turned on. Display exact termperatures above the gauge on the center cluster. A5 adds temps above gauges without adding boost gauge and boost data to menus. Headlight switch in Auto position. Restores previous setting only if lights are needed on next startup. No DTC codes after miles. This is a small change.

Larger tire size changes do calibrate the speedometer but a check engine light will persist. To open windows, press the unlock button once on fob, then press and hold the unlock button again until front windows begin opening. To close windows, press and hold the lock button for approximately 5 seconds and release when windows begin to close.

Ford FOCUS 2015 Owner's Manual

Window movement can be interrupted at any time by pressing either the lock or unlock buttons. Remote Open or Close can be enabled and disabled using the checkboxes. Disables the horn when pressing the panic button on key fob. Lights will still flash. Enables parking lamps while headlights are on low beam when in DRL daytime running lights. Removes Sirius as a media source in Sync. Change does not take effect immediately.

forscan focus se

Turn truck off, open and shut door, wait 30 seconds and restart. When truck unlocked via fob. Number 0 in this position disables the chime on the driver and passenger seats.

NOTE: Seat belts can be disabled via instructions in the owners manual. Fxxx works on trucks with 2 key fobs but FCxx is required if using 3 or 4 key fobs. Changes the Sync 3 screens to a GT theme. Splash screen will change to GT.

This changes the radio power-off delay to 60 minutes after the truck is shut off. Alternatively, after turning off the ignition, open and close any door to disable accessory power. Then press the radio power button to turn radio back on. It will now stay on for the extended time amount.This section is about the softwar e FORSc an and a step-by-step guide to how to operate and expand the functionality.


This page is continuously expanded. This page is continuously expanded and supplemented depending on how I have time. The list below shows an overview of which version is possible with which version as of February Here you can read out various values of the modules and follow them live. As a simple example, you can read the battery voltage permanently.

With the standard license for PC, you have access to various parameters that you can read out. In the demo version of the Android app, only one read out of a parameter is possible at a time, in the paid version several can be read out in parallel. Then comes a hint to put this on MS switch points outwards and confirm with OK. Last but not least, the configuration found will be saved, you can keep the suggested name or choose another one. The Rider configuration shows you in detail all the components found, including.

Part number, serial number, mileage, vehicle number, …. The Module rider shows an overview of the modules found and which bus you hang on to high-speed or medium-speed. The Rider Profile shows the saved profiles. This is actually only useful if you reconfigure multiple cars more often.

The DTC rider is used to read out error codes stored in memory. Will, for example, A defective part is replaced e. A sensor makes it essential to delete the memory. This can be done by the switch at the bottom of the screen. Using PID to read out data, you can read out various sensors of the vehicle. This looks chic depending on the configuration, but can also help with the error diagnosis.

Various vehicle tests can be carried out here. This list as well as all others is constantly evolving, which is why other tests can be listed here depending on the version level. This point is the one that needs the most explanation.

This gives him his own page. Link is also at the bottom of the page, so you can read on as normal. Here you can set the language, the units as well as whether the demo mode should be used. This simulates a car and some functions can be tried out like this. Under connections, you can set different settings for different adapters.

Here you can see the installed version you are currently using. The standard license will show you a device code. As of today, the code is valid for 3 months. After that, you can apply for it again. What is after that will be the time. The license is tied to the laptop by the device code.Log in.

Jump to Latest Follow. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Aug 10, So after searching until my face is melting off I have decided to begin a Forscan repository for everyone to be able to reference for the Focus.

I have started a spreadsheet that is based off the Ford Flex most recently created and we can move from there. I just started this so it is in its infancy.

PM me with your results and I will add the differences from my car and we will build out what each value does.


Google Spreadsheet If you have already verified a change does something please comment on the value and what the vale change is and what it specifically does. I am not allowing full write access to everyone. If you are a consistent and trustworthy contributor though I will give you access. Nothing Personal, I am trying to build a resource that is reliable. Joined Feb 14, Hydrokracker said:. The "Motorcraft" link you have goes to an "Oops file not found" page. Joined May 1, Good luck!

Site Maintenance it appears. I have tabs open with the same address and it is working. Joined Nov 15, I was just looking and noticed that there seems to be a repo for every model except ours.By sonicJanuary 21, in Ford Focus Club. I have a basic obd code reader but I have had it a few years now and have been reading about this elm setup alongside forscan. Check my signature fella, theres a link there on a guide I wrote that will help to get you started :. Basically it allows you to read pretty much every sensor it can access so far I havent found anything it cant read, but then I havent got every ford ever made to test it with :p.

You can do thorough diagnostics I helped my Auto Leccy identify an issue with my airbag resistance using this! Basically it allows you to read pretty much every sensor it can access so far I havent found anything it cant read, but then I havent got every ford ever made to test it with :P.

The link is outdated for the elm usb cable. I was going to buy one I saw on ebay but I noticed you have "Modified elm cable" so the one I was looking at is maybe wrong. Can you link me to the correct one? But its also worth remember that almost all the functions you will use day to day are apart of HS-CAN, meaning any ELM device will do the job but there isn't any sense getting one that's not modified. Good point Darren. I think the one James linked me to is K.

If all goes well in the future I might invest in a blue tooth version but for now I will try the cabled one. Cabled is best IMHO, unless you have a windows tablet that supports all of these protocols Hope it comes in use fella and if you need anything I will try do what I can go help.

USDM 2016 Ford Focus RS - Forscan

I got my elm cable today so what software do I need to go with it. I want to change some settings in the focus as well as read live data ect for any issues that may occur in the future so what software do I need or will forscan do all? Forscan is for reading error codes and live data plus doing some service procedures.

Also james in have your PDF guide so that should help me get started and find my way around the software. No softies hope it helps :- elm config is in the elm guide on the forum. Gp to focus section then guides, then the elm and elm config thread is there with software links on page 1. Thanks fellas. I will have a go later in the week at connecting to the focus and see what options are available to me. It also be nice to be able to see live data in case of any issues in the future it may be useful to help with the diagnosis od any problems.

All ford's mate as long as they are can bus 2 so everything since 04 for forscan elm config is more specific, focus, cmax, Mondeo, smax and that's all I remember.

Focccus is the mk3 focus. I have a wee routine with forscan, every month ill record the same journey trying to drive in a similar manor or before an after doing some work to the car. Darren that's a good idea. I wouldn't mind trying something like that before or after engine work ect to keep records to help with any problems. Forscan is fine, but if you play with elmconfig, download and save the settings on every page first I managed to turn the seat belt chime off as a test and t work well.

The two I have ticked as in the image and the green arrow comes on when ignition is one along with the other cluster lights. Basically you need to upgrade the firmware. I highly recommend that you do not make any changes without saving every page twice before you muck around, so you always have two backups to get it working As for those settings, this will likely need an update to the instrument cluster so don't Dive into it.

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forscan focus se

Log In Register. What's New Night Mode. New Posts. Log In. Sign Up! Register for an accountit's free and it's easy, so don't hesitate to join the Fiesta ST Forum today! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter gjkrisa Start date Feb 22, Feb 22, Messages 71 Likes 6 Location fairbanks. I noticed fiesta does not have a big post on this just little ones on small topic so as you share here I will be updating first post about the possibilitys using ForScan.

I am not a good organized person with spreadsheets so if anyone would like to start a calaborative spreadsheet I'm sure that would be appreciated.

I highly recommend using a obdlink mx Bluetooth or wifi device wifi only for Apple unless you are jailbroken. These for ease of use if you also enjoy using torquepro but if you want to get more serious about quick data logging and piece of mind that you won't have issues when flashing a change you can get a obd to USB device that needs to have a switch to access both the hican and mscan.

Last edited: Mar 1, Thread Starter 2. Our cars do not have dual climate but this is the only way to enable this. Last edited: Mar 2, Messages Likes Location Winter Park. I'm all for getting an easy to digest list of cool codes for our car.

Sorting through the other Forscan thread for info is just something I don't want to do. Messages 9 Likes 1 Location Hamiton. Thread Starter 5. Ralf said:. Weird, my '17 already says Ford Fiesta for BT, they must have changed the name with software updates or something The manual recommends 42 and lugging a modern turbo engine is no good Anyway, I'll have to look into this more, I thought I could change my screen picture with the diagnostics menu but still seems to be stuck on "timeless", the regular Ford logo Thread Starter 7.

No it will not stick on with the diagnostic menu.


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